She wanted to practice plastic surgery on her terms, and no one else’s

Ela Plastic Surgery was started in 2018 with the objective to provide a warm, inviting, and safe plastic surgery practice tailored for women, by women. Dr. Lopez witnessed firsthand the effects that greed, male egos and unethical behaviors could have on patient care. This could be seen from various aspects from the way office staff were treated to gluttonous billing patterns to questionable social media posts to pointing out page-long to-do lists of surgery on a patient who came in with just one complaint. She herself was succumbed to this behavior.  She recalls being told to post a picture of herself exercising at the gym while only being a few months postpartum or being told time and again to emulate Dr. so and so’s Instagram account to be more like her or to post personal photos of her newborn baby to engage more followers. None of which she ever did.

Dr. Lopez realized she needed to devise a plan where no one would ever shame her for being herself or pressure her into being someone she was not.  She wanted to practice plastic surgery on her terms, and no one else’s. While some patients may be drawn to such unscrupulous behavior, Dr. Lopez was determined to create an environment where women could feel safe to express their insecurities and fears and leave feeling confident and more secure in themselves. Ela Plastic Surgery is a ZERO shame practice, we don’t shame our patients or our staff.

It was no easy feat. Dr. Lopez is married to a neurosurgeon and has two small children herself, but these did not stop her from working tirelessly to bring Ela Plastic Surgery to light. She devoted countless hours (and sleepless nights) to bringing the practice to fruition. Ela Plastic Surgery officially opened it’s doors in March of 2020 and has not stopped growing since.

Currently, Ela Plastic Surgery is a boutique office that is by appointment only. Our practice is small, and we prefer it this way: more personal, more efficient, and more patient-centered. We have an open communication system and pride ourselves in using one of the world’s most advanced patient communication platforms to better serve our patients. It is not uncommon for us to see a patient who lives out of town or is teacher on a nonscheduled clinic day (even a weekend day).  We don’t overbook clinic days or surgery days. We don’t overwork our staff. We value our families, our home lives, and our patients. We love hearing about your own personal goals, your challenges, and feel honored when you share your most intimate life stories. It is incredible that Dr. Lopez and Maria have been there countless times to not only celebrate victories, promotions, vacations and the like, but also mourn lost marriages, jobs and even loved ones.

Ela Plastic Surgery is so blessed to have such amazing patients who continue to support and inspire us every day. We are excited to see what the future holds for Ela Plastic Surgery, and how we can continue to impact more and more patients with our core principles and values – empowerment, honesty, communication and ZERO shame.