Nonsurgical Hair Restoration

male examining receding hairline

Nonsurgical hair restoration is one of our most popular procedures. Hair loss can be very distressing for patients and can occur in all ages. We use a multimodal approach for the treatment of male and female pattern balding (alopecia). These include vitamin supplementation, hair growth serums and platelet-rich plasma. We have seen great results in our patient population.

Platelet-rich plasma involves drawing blood from the patient, spinning the blood and separating out the plasma with the highest concentration of platelets. Platelets are part of the blood clotting process and assist in wound healing due to their high concentration of growth factors. This plasma is then injected into the scalp once it has been numbed with numbing cream. The growth factors work to not only stimulate new hair growth but also enhance existing hair into thicker, healthier hair.

A series of at least 3 treatments is recommended, usually performed 4-8 weeks apart. The procedures take one hour to perform, and recovery time is minimal. Patients resume normal activities immediately.

We offer prescription hair growth serums and the award winning Revitalsh foam enhacing serum, shampoo and conditioner as adjuncts to help optimize results.