Brazilian Butt Lift

woman backside

Many patients have concerns regarding their appearance, and a buttock lift is a relatively common procedure that can be used to address many of these concerns. Over time, people may develop excess or sagging skin around their buttock region. This can develop due to gravity, genetics, weight loss, or the normal aging process. During this procedure, the skin will be raised and tightened around the buttock region. This will make the area appear less wrinkled or saggy and give patients the appearance that they’re looking for.

Did You Know…?

Many people attempt to lose weight using diet and exercise. This attempt is often successful, and people feel significantly healthier losing this excess weight; however, many people have sagging skin after losing this weight because the skin was stretched out during the period their weight was higher. Many people have concerns about the appearance of their skin after losing this weight, and a buttock lift procedure can help to correct these cosmetic concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is normal and healthy to have questions before deciding to undergo a surgical procedure. Many of the most common questions have been answered below.

Who is eligible to receive a buttock lift procedure?

People who have been struggling to lose weight in their buttock region or struggling to tighten the skin around their buttock area may be strong candidates for this procedure. Examples of problems that can be corrected with a buttock lift include issues with the elasticity of the skin due to aging or weight loss or people with crinkled or stretchy skin due to issues with cellulite. Patients also have improved surgical outcomes if they don’t smoke. Every patient’s case is handled on a case by case basis.

What kind of questions are discussed before the surgical procedure?

A plastic surgeon will want to consider everything regarding a person’s past medical history to ensure that the procedure can be safely performed. The patient’s reasons for having the procedure and the patient’s expectations are discussed to make sure that everyone is on the same page. The patient’s medical conditions will be reviewed to ensure that surgery is safe. This includes allergies and prior medical treatments. The patient’s current medications, use of alcohol, and tobacco use will also be reviewed.

How is the procedure performed?

A plastic surgeon will use anesthesia to place the patient to sleep during the procedure. While every procedure is tailored to the patient’s individual needs, an incision is usually made just below the waist. The excess skin and fat will be removed from the area. The skin will then be tightened and closed gradually to ensure that the area is properly tightened. A clean dressing will be placed over the area to keep the area sterile. Patients will see the results after the procedure, but the final appearance will take some time to develop.
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