Chin Augmentation

attractive woman touching chin

Chin augmentation surgery is a procedure that augments the chin area and is typically performed with an implant. This procedure is performed to achieve facial balance and harmony. One of the key factors leading to success with this procedure is evaluating your anatomy, your ideal outcome and selecting the right implant. There are a variety of types, sizes, and shapes of implants available. In men, a stronger and chiseled chin is desirable, thus jawline implants are ideal. Whereas in women, a chin implant should be more understated and performed to enhance the chin area. Thus, a majority of the work is done before your procedure. Dr. Lopez spends a great deal of time planning this surgery with you. She will often recommend liposuction of the neck area to further enhance your jawline, making your new chin shine. In some cases, she may even recommend a neck lift to further refine the area.

The procedure involves a small external incision (1.5cm to 2cm) placed beneath the chin. Although there is a technique that involves a hidden incision within the mouth, she strongly prefers the external approach because there are fewer risks to the patient. Once the pocket that will house the implant is formed, she will insert a variety of sizers to ensure that the shape and size of the implant is perfect. Sometimes, the implant itself needs to be carved so that it is an ideal fit your anatomy. After the chin implant is inserted, the incision is closed in layers and a dressing is applied. The procedures itself takes 2 hours and recovery is typically 4-8 weeks due to swelling.

If you are unsure about a chin augmentation, Dr. Lopez will recommend using facial fillers to perform a temporary augmentation (typically one year) so that you can imagine yourself with a fuller, more defined chin. She is an expert injector and using facial fillers for facial optimization is a large part of her practice.