Upper Lip Lift

woman touching lip

Upper lip lift surgery is a procedure that shortens a long upper lip area and provides fullness to the upper lip, avoiding the need for lip filler augmentation and making the upper lip area appear more youthful. As we age, the lips lose fullness and the upper lip descends due to a loss of support. This can significantly age the face, and in some cases, give the face an “ape-like” appearance. Dr. Lopez uses the bullhorn lip lift to remove excess skin in the upper lip area, leaving a fine scar hidden beneath the nostrils.

The Bullhorn (subnasal) lip lift procedure involves an incision placed beneath the nose in the shape of a bull’s horn. A small strip of skin is removed, the muscle tightened, and the upper lip raised to a more desirable position. This increases the volume of the upper lip, making it appear fuller and reveals a broader smile. With this lip lift, your scar is virtually undetectable. The procedure itself takes one hour and can be performed under local anesthesia. Recovery time is typically one week.

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